Thursday, February 25, 2010


I received this email from Lensbaby today:

Yay! Yayayayayay!!!

Today I also finally received the star filter and fisheye attachment I ordered a few weeks ago. (Almost a felt like forever!!) I haven't had too much opportunity to test out the star filter yet, but it seems to be pretty good. I got a Hoya for $11, I really can't complain. :) The fisheye attachment is...well...really great - for $30. It has pretty extreme circular vignetting (the picture is a circle with black all around it), which is probably partially attributable to it being a 52mm attachment mounted to a 58mm lens (via an included step-down ring). The fisheye effect itself, though, isn't all that extreme, especially compared to what you would expect within this level of vignetting. Obviously the effect would be better with a wider-angle, 52mm-filter-size lens. (I'm using it with the wide end of my kit 14-42, 58mm filter size.) But honestly - who the hell makes an extreme-wide-angle-lens with a 42mm filter size? "I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through," to quote a favorite movie in my house. It's fun, though, and I've gotten a couple of decent shots with it already. For example:

You can see how the bookshelf in the back, on the right, has a slight curve to it, but it isn't as obvious as I'd like. I still like this shot, though. :)

Shipping some time next week are my 50mm f/2.0 macro and my 25mm f/2.8 pancake. I'm a little annoyed that Amazon is shipping the lenses separately, since I had them shipped to my ShipitAPO address, which charges about $12 per package in addition to the USPS shipping costs. Although it's not quite as ridiculous when the items are expensive. Last time I had an Amazon order forwarded, it was $30 worth of kitchen equipment that shipped in two boxes. So, $30 worth of shipping/forwarding charges. For $30 worth of merchandise. Apple also just sent out our order in three boxes - MOFOS!! (I have a few choice words for Apple and their non-APO/FPO-shipping policy, btw. It's almost as irritating as Amazon's absolutely infuriating list of non-shippable items.) But again, it's easier to stomach the shipping/forwarding charges when they're a relatively small fraction of the total price.

I'm also still waiting for my Gary Fong Puffer Pop Up Flash Diffuser, which shipped First Class, which takes 6 weeks as opposed to 6 days for Priority (Grrrrrrrr), and my Lowepro SlingShot 100, which I had sent to my parents to avoid the forwarding fees. (Really, Amazon? You can't ship me a BACKPACK?? Really?)

And yes, I am pouring an awful lot of money into this camera. Hopefully this (very large) batch of lenses and accessories will be sufficient for a while. (Although I'm already well aware of what I'm going to want next...9-18mm ultra-wide, anyone? Maybe with a higher-quality fisheye attachment for said lens, for some extreme fisheye effects? Or maybe just a Lensbaby fisheye optic? Or how about higher-quality replacements for my kit lenses? Or a more versatile (albeit slower) zoom to take the place of both of them? And what about that ultrafast Leica? Or........)

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Dianne said...

I love that you're having so much fun and being so creative

the Spiderman photo is fabulous!!