Monday, February 15, 2010

vacations, camera lenses and a train cake

  • We've restructured our long-term vacation plan. Australia has been relocated to Christmas 2011; we figure an extra year to save up would be beneficial. I also think it would be a much better idea to take a really expensive vacation with a 3.5-year-old, rather than a 2.5-year-old. The terrible twos are hitting HARD. Tokyo Disney is still this summer and Kyoto next summer; China has been moved up to sometime this fall. (China is a much, much, MUCH less expensive trip than Australia.)
  • Since we won't have to put our ENTIRE tax refund towards the vacation fund this year, there will be money for other things. I'll give you an example. Me: "Well if we're going to China this year, then I'm going to be needing some better lenses before we go." Brian: "Well, yeah." Me (inner dialogue): Wooooooooooot!
  • I had my first "customer" come by and pick up a cake today. I got a call from an acquaintance last week; she was supposed to be making a cake for a friend today, and something had come up and she couldn't make the cake. I figured, well, here's my chance to put up or shut up. Pretty much every major thing that's ever happened in my life wasn't something that I had meticulously planned; an opportunity fell in my lap and I did my best to make the most of it. Besides, if I did this cake, I'd be helping someone out of a jam. So I said sure, I can do that.
    So here's a 10" round, yellow cake with buttercream icing (& filling), with a frozen buttercream transfer of Thomas the Tank Engine. I made the gray a little too dark, but it wasn't quite as dark as it looks in these pictures, I swear!

  • Wow, my new camera really picks up on all of the imperfections and really magnifies them, doesn't it? I think I'm going to go back to using my point & shoot to document my cakes. It takes good shots, has a great macro capability, and it just doesn't seem to highlight flaws quite as much. :) (Smooth icing: my new nemesis.) Although I must say, I do really like the bokeh (blurred background) on that last one.
    Well, the long and the short of it is that the "client" really liked it; and I'll be seeing the acquaintance who I was helping out tomorrow, when we will discuss my "donation".
  • Also, here's the giant candy heart that I made for the Valentine's Day potluck at Brandon's school. I'd never covered a shaped cake with fondant before, I've only done rounds. I thought it would be hard but it was so freaking easy. I had some serious cake mojo that night. It took me 20 minutes to cover and decorate this cake, and that's including the first time I rolled out the fondant and it stuck to the mat. (I am SO getting a big-ass silicone sheet. I've HAD IT with Wilton's crappy plastic mat.)

  • Did I mention that the Terrible Twos are hitting us hard? They really are. Holy crap.


Mother Hoodwink said...

Imperfections what? That cake was awesome! Very cute! And yay for new lenses!! I guess it would be more, uh, enjoyable if you had an almost four year old instead of a two year old on a trip like that. So you guys would be leaving Japan (to come here *fingers crossed*) right after that trip, right?

Kerry said...

Our tour is up in May 2012, but if we *are* going to VA (fingers crossed) then we wouldn't be leaving here until late summer. (Boooooo.) Summer here sucks. It's almost as hot & humid as New Orleans, except the sun never comes out.

Dianne said...

that cake is amazing!!
Thomas should look that good on TV

34 years later I still remember the terrible 2s
in fact my hands are shaking

but it passes and one day they get a driver's license and you miss the terrible 2s