Sunday, March 28, 2010

top 5 things I like about Japan

5. McDonald's Ebi Burger - Shrimp formed into a patty, then breaded. Amazing. And the sauce is super, super yummy. They don't have it at the McD's on base, which is a super bummer. I'm also a pretty big fan of the green apple Coke I get at McD's - you can add one or two "bonus flavors" to any drink that you get from the soda fountain. They have lemon, melon, and green apple. All you have to do is press a button.

4. Meiji HiMilk - I love all of the vaious Meiji chocolates - "Black", Milk, and HiMilk (I have a bar of White but haven't tried it yet) - but HiMilk is my favorite. Well, my favorite bar, anyway. I'm also a big fan of their chocolate-covered macadamias. The almonds are good, too. Oh, and the Kinoko No Yama? Addictively awesome. (I've also found them in caramel flavored and banana flavored, but the regular chocolate ones are my favorite so far.)

3. Max Coffee - Made with sweetened condensed milk. Tastes like a bottled Frappuccino, if bottled Frappuccinos actually tasted like coffee. Somebody keeps on buying up all of the cans off the shelf at the Commissary, but I can also get them, albeit for a little more change, from the machine in my building's lobby. Hot or cold.

2. Tempura kabocha squash - You may remember that I made a kabocha pie a while back. This is WAY better. Usually a restaurant will only give you one slice of kabocha with a tempura plate. But if you go to the ready-to-eat section at the back of Daiei (the "Japenese grocery store", as Brandon calls it), you can get as many pieces as you want. Holla!

1. Cherry blossoms - Yes, the only non-consumable thing in this list. (They do make cherry-blossom-flavored goodies, but I think they're gross.) There ARE other non-edible things that I like about Japan, but they don't make the top 5. The blossoms are taking their sweet time blooming this year. The base Cherry Blossom festival is today and they're still somewhat hesitant. I can't blame them; it's pretty damn cold today. It's also gray and yucky, which accounts for the pictures I took today not being as good as they could have have been, had it been a nicer day. But still, the picture of the day: cherry blossoms.

Honorable Mention: the 100 yen store. 'Nuff said.


Dianne said...

the cherry blossoms are beautiful!

Brandon saying "crap" is hardly a counterpoint

my son was king of the "F" bomb for a spell
it was my brother's fault of course

Kerry said...

Lol, well it does let me know when he's *really* hurt and not just playing up the drama of the moment.

And thanks. :) The picture would be nicer if the sky had been blue, but I still like it.

EmilySullins said...

Oh Kerry, this post made me miss Japan! My top 5 would have to be:

1. My friends there.
3. Spicy miso ramen at the shop outside the gate (or the one in Hayama)
4. 100 yen shop
5. Culturally-mandated politeness
6. The gardens - everywhere you look!
7. The view out my living room window
8. Learning Japanese.

That was more than 5, wasn't it? When I win the lottery, I'm coming to visit.

OH! And you can go to the grocery store at Daiei and ask "Maxu ko-hee wa arimas' ga?" That means "Do you have Max coffee?" :)