Friday, April 23, 2010

the caffeine (withdrawal) made me do it

The vending machine in my lobby stopped stocking Max Coffee this week, as did the one on the way to Brandon's school. I exhausted my personal supply yesterday (I bought all THREE cans they had on the shelf at the Commissary earlier this week) so this morning I tried to make my own using instant coffee and sweetened condensed milk. It came out surprisingly good, but I learned something. It seems that the name "Max Coffee" actually does mean something, because apparently there's an unusual amount of caffeine in there. Which would explain not only the name but my doctor's shocked and concerned reaction when I told her I drank two cans every day. I don't know for sure how much caffeine is in it, but I can tell you that despite drinking a cup of normal coffee instead of my usual morning can of Max Coffee, I ended up with a screaming caffeine withdrawal headache today.

They say you should never go grocery shopping when you're hungry, but you should also never go to a department store when you're disoriented from a nauseating headache and feeling generally grateful that you never got into the really hard stuff, because you'd surely never survive any withdrawal more severe than this. Especially when you're shopping at a store where the modus operandi is "if you see it, buy it, because it will probably be gone tomorrow." I ended up buying a $45 pair of pants (NEX price) that *almost* fits me (because I'm damn well going to be losing some weight before we go to China); two pairs of leggings to wear under a dress I haven't bought yet; a bunch of new makeup - practical, everyday stuff as well as two shimmery iridescent eyeshadow pencils and nail polish in both teal and lime green; and a small boatload of toys that have been designated as "potty prizes". Oh, and the packing tape that I went there to get - 4 rolls of it. You'd think I'd gone to Target.

Well anyway, I'm home now, freezing my @$$ off (because "heating season" is over - apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo) and drinking a Pepsi. And promising myself that I won't go shopping anymore for a while.

ETA: I feel compelled to clear Max Coffee's name. It doesn't appear to have been caffeine withdrawal after all, as the Pepsi seemed to make the headache worse rather than better. It was stunningly similar to the headaches I got when the cherry blossoms first appeared, but they've been gone for about a week now. So either I'm allergic to something else as well; I have a sinus infection that's causing very little congestion (the pain is definitely concentrated in my left sinus), or I have some kind of exotic head disease that causes blinding headaches once a month or so. Hmm. Thank God for Aleve.

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Sarah Von said...

Caffiene does me in, too! I've taken to calling it 'liquid ambition' - only to be used under dire circumstances! ;)