Monday, July 26, 2010

another glorious summer day of sitting inside

I would like to go to the 100 yen store today. I really would. I'd like to take the boys for a walk around town, maybe have a picnic at Mikasa park ("the park with the waterfalls", as my kids call it). Or even just walk over to pick up my car - Brian left at about 4:30 this morning to fly to Palau, so the car is parked over on the other side of the base where he works.

This is where my husband is. Jerk.

The problem is, it's around a million degrees outside, with approximately one thousand percent humidity. About 14 seconds after you walk outside, you're completely drenched, and it's dawned on me that this can't be entirely due to sweat. No, I strongly suspect that more than half of it is CONDENSATION. Yes, that's how hot and humid it is: condensation forms on the human body, which, in case you've forgotten, clocks in at 98.6 degrees.

How hot is it? So hot that my sunglasses shattered. No, really.

I walked into the air conditioning, they were fine. I walked back outside and put them on, they looked like this.

Even my 4-year-old compared the air outside to steam, which is a completely accurate analogy. If you ask me, it feels like walking through a very large plume of car exhaust, continually and without that glorious feeling of relief when you emerge into the comparatively cool air on the other side.

Our air conditioners are cranked to "Hi", the dehumidifiers are running at maximum power (pulling several gallons of water out of the air every day) and I STILL can't breathe unless I'm sitting directly under an a/c vent.

Can it be April again? I'd take the cherry blossom migraines over this any day.