Friday, January 21, 2011

buying up all of the Duncan Hines

I bought 12 boxes of cake mix today. Yes, I have become THAT GUY.
In my defense: I am legally required to buy my ingredients at the Commissary. Being a legally-approved home-based bakery business (have I mentioned that yet? ;), I am required to acquire my ingredients from "approved distribution channels". This, however, is purely because I live overseas. It's kind of the opposite of the way things work in the States - I'm like 99% sure that you're not allowed to buy things at Commissaries that you're going to resell. So I stand behind all of the things I said about the Crazy Flour-Buying Bandit back in Hawaii.
But I guess the moral of this story rambling collection of sentences is that I'm a legal business now! Finally.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

a hat for cora

I just finished this hat for my new baby niece, Cora, who was born yesterday.

I made the hat last week and added the flower today. I did the whole thing without a pattern, without even a sketch - I just cast on at the top of the hat and started knitting. I should probably start taking notes when I do that, so I can write out the pattern in case anybody else every wants to try making it. Next time, I promise!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

What's in that Can? Holiday Edition: The Answer

Well, we have a new record: not one single guess. Serves me right for not really blogging anymore. (I'll explain that soon, promise.)
The answer is strawberry. How they came up with the name "Snow Squash" for strawberry-flavored soda, I'll never know. I will say that it does have somewhat of a squash-ish aftertaste to it. It isn't quite as weird as it sounds, I swear.